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⮚ 5 Types of Courses
Weekly formats, Topics format, Single Activity format, and social format for different needs.

⮚ 20+ Question Types for Exam
Multiple Choice, True False, Essay, Matching, Drag and Drop, Gap Fill, Drop onto Image, and more.

⮚ 20+ Resource Types
Distribute eBooks, PDFs, or any files Pages, Multimedia, SCORM, and more.

⮚ 20+ Activity Types
Conduct various activities within your course including Surveys, Quizzes/Exams, Assignments, Glossary, Feedback, and many more.

⮚ Badges and Certificates
Issue trackable badges for criteria completion or certificates.

⮚ Conditional Access
Create set conditions or prerequisites before content is accessible.

⮚ Access Levels
Create unlimited roles in your learning to control access to viewing, editing, and creating contents.

⮚ Single Sign On
Multiple built-in single sign-on support or use an external database for single sign on

⮚ Groups Mode
Teachers can give assignments based on their groups or individual based.

⮚ User Dashboards
Customizable user dashboards. Custom dashboard contents for different roles. Unlimited dashboard widgets.

⮚ Reporting & Logs
The system is capable to record each activity log by every member for reference. Statistics and charts also available in a readable format.

⮚ Video Conference
▪ Host up to 100 participants
▪ Unlimited meeting duration for all meeting sizes
▪ High speed and High Availability (Enterprise nodes)
▪ Features of Classes
  ● Pre-Recorded/Cloud recordings
  ● Webinars
  ● Live sessions
  ● No special equipment is required.
Enterprise Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing feature embedded into Learning Management System makes it easier to start a video call conference with up to 100 participants anytime.