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Business Law Course


12+ Lesson

20hr 30min

2800+ students enrolled

Course Description

Business law is a course of study that covers a wide range of topics related to the formation, ownership, and operation of businesses. It includes legal topics such as contracts, torts, agency and partnerships, securities, intellectual property, taxation, antitrust, and more. Business law courses can be found at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels, and can cover both domestic and international aspects of the law. The primary purpose of a business law course is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the legal implications of business decisions. This includes understanding the applicable laws and regulations, and how to comply with them. Additionally, students will learn to analyze legal issues and identify potential risks, as well as develop the skills to resolve disputes through negotiation and litigation.

Duration : 20hr 30min
Certification : Yes
Akriti Singhal

Telecom Industry

4.7 Instructor Rating

“ To be honest I was slightly reluctant to start the course but with the time I realised the program is well structured and helped me understand the concepts required in my current role. The career support team helped me at every stage and are the perfect partners for career outcomes. I highly recommend anyone wanting to upskill to leverage this opportunity. “